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Jews believe in one God, Creator of the Universe. The Jewish holy texts contained in the Torah relate how God gave Moses, a patriarch who led the children out of slavery in Egypt, two stone tablets inscribed with Laws for righteous conduct throughout life. Written in Hebrew, the Torah contains 613 commandments dictating rites of passage, conduct and dietary principles. A copy is kept in every synagogue, the Jewish place of worship.

Jews wait for the coming of the Messiah who will bring peace, security and fruitfulness. They further believe in a time when the dead will be returned to life for Judgement before God. There are some 13 million Jews worldwide. About 47 per live in America, 34 per cent in Israel and the remainder in Europe, Australia etc. The Western Wall, all that remains of Solomon`s temple destroyed in AD70 is the most sacred site in Judaism. Also in Jerusalem, the Yad Vashem Memorial to victims of Nazi pogroms is another poignant place of pilgrimage.

IN1234PS Daniel`s tomb Susa Iran
JU11120MC  Western Wall 

DG001ES  Prayer  Succot – Feast of the Tabernacles

JU13721 Pastries & sweets eaten during Purim

JU1331 Priests remove the Ark of the Covenant

9484PG  Purim fun in Stamford Hill, London

RS 009 Sofer scribe writing torah scroll

4000 Jews Pro-Israeli rally London

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